Oct 08, 2020 · The equation for a line is, in general, y=mx+c. To find the equations for lines, you need to find m and c. m is the slope. For example, if your line goes up two units in the y direction, for every three units across in the x direction, then m=2/3. If you have the slope, m, then all you need now is c.
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With the equation in this form we can actually use the equation for the derivative \(\frac{{dy}}{{dx}}\) we derived when we looked at tangent lines with parametric equations. To do this however requires us to come up with a set of parametric equations to represent the curve. This is actually pretty easy to do.
Slope is the change in Y over the change in X. Written out, the formula looks is as follows: (y2-y1) ——— (x2-x1) It's a simple formula that just requires you to input your coordinates to calculate the value of the slope.