Invader Zim skin. If you’re unaware Invader Zim was a cartoon on Nickelodeon back in the early 00’s. Up next, his lovable sidekick Gir!
Making Minecraft houses is hard. If, like us, you lack even the most basic architectural competence Minecraft mountain houses are built into hillsides, or else, are open, featuring grand vistas right...
This modpack is designed for building, exploring, farming, cooking and having a huge home filled with lots of animals and pets to take care of. This modpack is for builders! It is full of mods that add extra blocks, colours and mobs to Minecraft. Mods like Mo' Creatures, Chickens, and Moo Fluids add heaps of cute (and some dangerous) mobs so your house can have lots of cool pets to play with or get resources from.
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